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Titanium Minerals and Metals

Our Products

Titanium minerals and metals applications spread across a large number of industry end-uses.
Rutile, Ilmenite and Leucoxene are major raw materials for the production of titanium dioxide metal and high quality pigments, primarily used in paint, paper and plastics.

These titaniferrous oxide minerals contain titanium dioxide along with varying proportions of iron oxide both in ferric and ferrous forms, widely used in the production of welding electrodes and in ferroalloy manufacturing.

Part of our product range includes the following:

Product Name Our Grade
Rutile Sand TiO2 min 95% and TiO2 min 94%
Ilmenite TiO2 min 54%
Leucoxene TiO2 min 89% to 92%
Wire Rod, Wire Rod Coils  
Steel Billets  
Ferromanganese Powder

We already have a solid supply line in place and we continuously enrich our portfolio to ensure diversified suitable products to the various business requirements of our customers around the world. Our sources are well established reputable mines, which we have visited in person ourselves and individually assessed to become our on-going preferred partners for you.

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